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The magic of Casa Rolandi comes from a long tradition of gastronomic fineness and expertise brought to Mexico by Sandro Mueller.

Casa Rolandi is part of Grupo Rolandi, delighting restaurant goers in the Mexican Caribbean for over three decades. We take special care during every step of the cooking process. Each ingredient, every drink and moment that we share or serve is inspired by culinary excellence and a true desire to please. Quality is our philosophy and its pursuit inspires everything we do.


From the fine kitchens of Europe the essence of our recipes found a new home in the Mexico’s Caribbean region. Here, 30 years later, Casa Rolandi continues to serve some of the finest cuisine anywhere, inspired by a dream and the flavors of the old world.


– Chef Daniele Muller:
Driving force and leader of a new generation that continues the Rolandi tradition. Born with a Swiss-Mexican heritage, Daniele studied at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyons, France, following up this culinary Ivy League training with a stint at the Michelin Guide before joining the family business.

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